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Question: Is the source code which extends the ROTOR's JIT compiler available for downloading?
By: Thomson     Date: 2012-02-06

Answer: No. The source code is not available any more. The project was done during 2002-04 and we are not continuing the project any more. Therefore, we are not in a position to supply the source code. However, the paper which describes the work is available. The reference is : Kapil Vaswani and Y.N. Srikant, Dynamic Recompilation and Pro le-guided Optimizations for a .NET JIT Compiler, IEE Proc. Software, 150(5), October 2003, pp 296-302, (Special issue on Rotor). I will not be able to supply the paper since it is copyrighted by IEE. Srikant

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: lilotom@gmail.com     Date: 2012-02-21

Question: Sir, the video clarity is very poor, though the content is, no doubt, excellent. Sir, will the video clarity be better if I purchase the DVD? Or is there a place where I can download HD videos?
By: Clarence J M Tauro     Date: 2012-07-24

Answer: No DVD or HD videos are available.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: clarence.tauro@res.christuniversity.in     Date: 2012-09-07

Question: how does compiler takes care of printf and scanf function?
By: sudhir sharma     Date: 2012-06-29

Answer: printf and scanf in C are macros and are not processed much by the compiler. In fact, the type checking on parameters is also not done. They are simply passed to the macro and a call to that macro is generated by the compiler.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: sudhir33.04@bitmesra.ac.in     Date: 2012-07-02

Question: An unambigious grammar has same leftmost and rightmost derivation trees. Is this statement true or false ?
By: vaibhav     Date: 2014-11-13

Answer: This statement is not phrased properly. We talk about left-most and right-most derivations and NOT trees. Further, we talk about derivations and parse trees for sentences generated by the grammar and not FOR the grammar. For every parse tree, we can write down a left-most and a right-most derivation. Ambiguity of grammars is NOT about derivations but about parse trees. An ambiguous grammar generates at least one word that has two distinct parse trees. To answer your question: the answer is "FALSE".

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: vaibesb4u@gmail.com     Date: 2014-11-14

Question: Respected sir,, i have problem in first and follow topic,,,, please give me any easy way to find out first and follow of any given problem.
By: sushil mutiyar     Date: 2012-10-15

Answer: This question is not a part of the advanced topics in compiler design. However, in brief, there is no easy way to compute first and follow. It does require an elaborate application of the standard algorithms. Please solve a few problems and become more familiar with the algorithms. Simple and easy ways to compute first and follow usually fail on complicated grammars.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: mutiyarsk@gmail.com     Date: 2012-10-20

Question: greetings sir please reply me i have posted problem in your email related to LALR AND SDT. question is so lengthy so i am not able to post here. it was a GATE 2005 common data problem. thank you :)
By: satya prakash patel     Date: 2012-12-25

Answer: I am sorry. I do not solve problems in this forum. This is meant for clarifications only.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: satyaa88@gmail.com     Date: 2012-12-28

Question: Respected Sir, in which lecture i find about syntax translation scheme for array assignment statement into an intermediate code.
By: YASH JAIN     Date: 2013-03-22

Answer: These lectures are of an advanced nature and they assume the knowledge of the front end, which deals with intermediate code generation. Therefore, none of the topics related to the front end are covered in these lectures.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: yashjainjec@gmail.com     Date: 2013-03-22

Question: What is the concept of compile time representation and non-local names in compiler design?
By: rohit singh     Date: 2013-04-12

Answer: Please go through the lectures on "run-time organization".

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: singhrohit301@gmail.com     Date: 2013-04-26

Question: Hello Sir, Compiler Design was not a part of my Btech. CSE Curriculum.I am preparing for GATE. Are these lectures sufficient and appropriate in terms of GATE preparation? Please Please Guide me what to study and from where to study? I know nothing about this subject.
By: Saurabh Gupta     Date: 2013-07-24

Answer: These lectures do not cover BTech or GATE curricula on compilers. They cover advanced material which forms a part of MTech and PhD curricula. Please study from the book by Aho,Lam,Sethi, and Ullman according to GATE syllabus.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: saurabhgupta.151@gmail.com     Date: 2013-07-26

Question: respected sir, why do we construct the operator precedence parsing table?
By: prasad     Date: 2013-08-28

Answer: O.P. parsing is a method of shift-reduce parsing. The O.P.table is used by the parser to perform shift/reduce actions, just as the action-goto tables are used by an LR-parser.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: prasadarao.chatla@gmail.com     Date: 2013-08-30

Question: sir, to construct DFA of LR(0) items for a grammar means we follow SLR method. is it correct?
By: Shyam Sunder Reddy     Date: 2014-02-18

Answer: This question is not a part of the advanced topics in compiler design. This topic will be covered in the lectures on "Principles of Compiler Design" (forthcoming in May 2014).

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: shyamd4@gmail.com     Date: 2014-02-19

Question: what is reducable flow graph?
By: reshma     Date: 2013-09-25

Answer: The topic of this question has been dealt with in detail in the lecture on "Control Flow Analysis - Part 2".

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: reshmakumbhare1@gmail.com     Date: 2013-10-01

Question: Q. What is difference in the parsing table of LR(0) and SLR grammer ?
By: Pushpendra singh     Date: 2013-10-17

Answer: LR(0) and SLR(1) tables have no differences on shift actions. The reduce actions of SLR(1) table are filled using FOLLOW information, whereas in LR(0) parsers, the the state itself uniquely says whether it is a reduce or shift state . SLR(1) parsing is needed only when the grammar fails to be LR(0).

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: push.singh171@gmail.com     Date: 2013-10-25

Question: how c\'s compiler is written in c language itself?
By: seemakale     Date: 2013-11-07

Answer: You cannot do it unless you have a compiler for C on a different target machine. Let us call our target machine as T1 and the other target on which we have a C compiler already as T2. Let the corresponding compilers be C1 and C2. Compile source code of C1 using C2 and get a binary image B21, which is a cross compiler running on T2 and producing code for T1. Now compile source code of C1 again using B21 (running on T2). The binary image produced is the compiler C1 that we want.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: kanwarsartaj@ymail.com     Date: 2013-11-15

Question: whether first a compiler was designed or a language?
By: seemakale     Date: 2013-11-07

Answer: Language was designed first and then a compiler for it was written. The first compiler was written in assembly language.

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: kanwarsartaj@ymail.com     Date: 2013-11-15

Question: sir,which lecture should I refer to learn about First and Follow?
By: Psingh     Date: 2014-02-17

Answer: This question is not a part of the advanced topics in compiler design. This topic will be covered in the lectures on "Principles of Compiler Design" (forthcoming in May 2014).

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: trouble_006@yahoo.in     Date: 2014-02-17

Question: Hello Sir, Can you suggest some projects for internship ?
By: Rishabh     Date: 2014-12-12

Answer: Please see the list of assignments that are a part of the course material. These are available from the NPTEL course home page (not from YouTube).

By: Prof. Y.N. Srikanth     Email: rishabhrastogi7@gmail.com     Date: 2015-01-02

Question: Iam interested these Exams. I am 11 th std student. Can i join these exams?
By: R.Surya     Date: 2016-01-06
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