NPTEL Domain Certification

NPTEL has been giving out course level certificates since 2014 and there have been quite a few students doing multiple courses from NPTEL. Some need some guidance on what courses to take up together and also a classification of courses based on the end goal, whether it is appearing for some competitive exam or becoming job ready or specialising in an area of study.

Domains are being created in multiple disciplines as can be seen below (more domains will be put out as newer courses are created). Basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Every domain will comprise Core courses and Elective courses.
  • The learner has to complete and pass all the core courses listed.
  • The student can take electives from the list of choices available as specified as required for the domain and should pass these courses too.
  • The Final score in any of the courses in a domain should not be < 55.
  • Average of all courses in the domain should be >= 60.
  • Every domain also has another parameter - number of weeks of learning that have to be completed.
  • A candidate is supposed to have completed a domain when the number of core and elective courses defined have been completed (passed as per course criteria and Final score in each >= 55 with average >=60) AND the sum of the duration of the courses taken in the domain >= number of weeks of learning specified.
  • It is recommended that the domain be completed within a period of 3 years from the date of starting the first course.

This can also be done by learners who may have done any of the courses mentioned in a domain - previously from NPTEL and complete the remaining courses to get this certificate in the corresponding area.
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No. Disciplines Domains
1 Aerospace Engineering
2 Biotechnology and Bioscience / Bio engineering
3 Chemical Engineering
4 Civil Engineering
5 Computer Science
6 Electrical Engineering
7 Faculty Discipline
8 Management
9 Mechanical Engineering
10 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering