Marketing (4 Core + 3 Elective) Minimum of 50 Weeks (More Info)

Sl No Name Category
1Marketing Management-ICore
2Marketing Management - IICore
3Consumer BehaviourCore
4Marketing research and analysis -ICore
5Services Marketing: A Practical ApproachElective
6Sales and Distribution ManagementElective
7Management of Field SalesElective
8Global Marketing ManagementElective
9Marketing Research and Analysis-IIElective
10Managing ServicesElective
11Customer Relationship ManagementElective
12Introduction to Retail ManagementElective
13Marketing and InnovationElective

Operations (4 Core + 2 Elective) Minimum of 50 Weeks (More Info)

Sl No Name Category
2Data Analysis and Decision Making - ICore
3Introduction to Operations ResearchCore
4Operations and supply chain managementCore
5Introduction to Data AnalyticsCore
6Project ManagementElective
7Project management for managersElective
8Total Quality Management - IElective
9Total Quality Management - IIElective
10Strategy: An Introduction to game TheoryElective
11Six SigmaElective
12Quality Design And ControlElective
13Supply Chain AnalyticsElective
14Management of Inventory SystemsElective
15Decision modelingElective
16Decision-Making Under UncertaintyElective
17Design And Analysis Of ExperimentsElective
18Practitioners Course In Descriptive,Predictive And Prescriptive AnalyticsElective
19Business Analytics For Management DecisionElective
20Selected Topics in Decision ModelingElective
21Data Analysis & Decision Making - IElective
22Data Analysis & Decision Making - IIElective
23Data Analysis & Decision Making - IIIElective
24MCDM Techniques Using RElective
25Manufacturing StrategyElective
26Advanced Green Manufacturing SystemsElective
27Toyota Production SystemElective

Minor (5 Core + 1 Elective) Minimum of 50 Weeks (More Info)

Sl No Name Category
1Introduction to Operations ResearchCore
2Marketing Management-ICore
3Operations and supply chain management Core
4Financial AccountingCore
5Decision making using financial accountingCore
6Principles of Management (Management for Engineers)Core

Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
(4 Core + 2 Elective) Minimum of 40 Weeks
(More Info)

Sl No Name Category
1Patent Law for Engineers and ScientistsCore
2Patent Search for Engineers and LawyersCore
3Patent Drafting for BeginnersCore
4Road map for Patent CreationCore
5Intellectual Property Rights and Competition LawElective
6Innovation, Business Models and EntrepreneurshipElective
7Innovation by DesignElective
8Managing Intellectual Property in Universities Elective